Lina Zeidan


I have lived my life among various cultures and in various landscapes; from the Kuwaiti Deserts to the Canadian Rockies, to the Swiss Alps. This has influenced me to use the diverse colors of nature as my primary pallet. I enjoy painting with both cold shades of grey as well as with warm tones of color. 

Guided by my moods and feelings, my paintings are statements of emotion and self-expression. The intensity of my colors reflects the passion and attraction I feel towards my subjects and is ultimately the bridge between my inner-self and the outside world.

My Middle-Eastern culture is a large motif in much of my Art. Especially through the use of Arabic calligraphy, which is becoming more prevalent in my paintings. I use a special layering technique and mixed media, including a variety of gels, acrylic and gold leaf, in order to take my viewer deeper into my world, like words forming a story. I am always experimenting with new techniques and designs to better communicate my emotions more clearly on canvas. 

I share my personal impressions and experiences through my art, and often paint spontaneously. I am constantly searching for and learning of new ways to express myself.


Art shows include:

- American Women’s Club in Zurich, Switzerland, November 2006

- Seedamm Plaza in Pfaffikon, Switzerland, November 2007

- Private showing in Basel Switzerland, July 2008

- Sonjart Gallery, Rapperswil Switzerland, June 2009

- Private showing in Zurich, Switzerland, May 2011

- Private showing in Wollerau, Switzerland, November 2011

- Kunst Garten  Samstagern, Switzerland, May 2017.

- Private showing, Wollerau, Switzerland, November 2017.